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From 8pm until 8.45pm

At Cathedral Ruins

1 Hill Top, Coventry CV1 5AB

£10 (£7 concessions)

What happens when dance and circus collide?


CHANGE OF VENUE: Due to high winds BLOCK will now take place inside Coventry Cathedral. Posted 10.15am Weds 19 Sept.


What happens when dance and circus collide? When they converge, rub against each other, blend into one another? 

Leading UK companies NoFit State Circus and Motionhouse bring together their unique styles in BLOCK, a powerful fusion of dance and circus that pushes the limits of both art forms. With its daring physicality, split-second timing and thrilling feats, BLOCK leaves audiences gasping. 

Twenty oversized blocks, fashioned to resemble giant concrete Jenga blocks, are deconstructed and reformed into an infinite variety of shapes for the performers to play on, move with and explore. BLOCK is about life in the city; its contradictions and challenges. 


Block is sponsored by The Wigley Group

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