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From 12.00pm until 4.00pm

At University Square

Coventry CV1 5FB


A finale day of free family-friendly activities and performance. Come and play in the streets!


Come along and discover:

Pif-Paf's Action Painting

Pif-Paf's Action Painting

Join Pif-Paf’s very special Collaborative Explosive Painting Spectacle! Action Painting is 3 artists, 14 square metres of spinning canvas, 2 pneumatic paint cannons, gallons of paint and a big conversation about ART. Action Painting uses artists and pneumatic cannons to create a world of flying paint where we have a fun and very important public discussion about the what, the why, the how and the should we shoot it of ART. Action Painting empowers the people to make their mark and be part of a unique painting utopia.  


Have a go on the Likeable Bikeable Coventry Buzz Bike

Come and test the newest bike developed for Imagineer’s Likeable Bikeable project. Experience the wonderful sonic and tactile experience of being propelled by a unique cargo bike and immerse yourself in the brilliant musical compositions of international composer and sound artist, Kaffe Matthews, feeling the sound through vibrations.


Hula hoop workshop with Esther Fuge

Calling mum, dad, hoop divas and everyone in-between. Get your groove on and come to wiggle those hips with professional hula hoop artist Esther Fuge. An inclusive workshop stuffed full of tricks and turns to take away for your summer show-off time. 


Cyr wheel with Esther Fuge

Cyr Wheel expert Esther Fuge

Witness a solo circus act celebrating movement in motion; a dynamic and hypnotic fusion of contemporary dance and cyr wheel by professional dancer and circus artist Esther Fuge. 


Hoop Mania

The Hoop Mania installation

An interactive installation created by Leamington-based artists Julia Snowdin and Sarah Middleton. Come and find Hoop Mania for a totally new hula-hooping art experience! Julia and Sarah have taken hundreds of hula-hoops and created an art installation for you to play in and explore. There are areas for mum and dad to relax while kids play in the domes created from hundreds of hula-hoops. Add hula-hoops to Hoop Mania and seeing how the installation grows and changes in shape during the day.

When there are hundreds of hula-hoops there needs to be hula-hooping. We have hula-hoops available to try in lots of different colours and sizes, even ones big enough for dad! Get ready to swing your hips and to go hula-hoop crazy with Hoop Mania.


Tim Hunkin and Andy Plant's Astronauts’ Caravan

The Astronauts' Caravan

The Astronauts’ Caravan is an amusing journey through space and time, cosseted in a sumptuous 70s décor and sensitively piloted by two ex-astronauts. Will you experience weightlessness or see the Milky Way? 

The idea for Astronauts’ Caravan started many years ago when Tim Hunkin and Andy Plant visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach and had a seat on the old Victorian ride, the ‘Haunted Swing’. Housed inside a building, the audience appeared to spin around inside a haunted room.

Twenty years later the Astronauts’ Caravan was born; an updated version of the Haunted Swing housed inside a 1970s touring caravan. Fully hand-operated, the astronauts' caravan is an experiential installation and ride, reputed to scare the living daylights out of kids (and maybe a few adults).


Casson and Friends present The Dance We Made

The Dance We Made

The Dance WE Made is a record breaking interactive dance performance that invites YOU to be the choreographer: no experience required! The performance roams public spaces, inviting members of the public to devise original choreography in collaboration with The Dance WE Made's highly skilled professional dancers. These newly created dances are then performed by The Dance WE Made Team in each location, filmed, and posted online for the world to see!


Ludic Rooms present Playgrounds we build ourselves

Playgrounds we build ourselves

To accompany the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum’s Play! exhibition, Ludic Rooms, Coventry’s arts and technology company, are acting as play gurus in residence, conducting play experiments with the public at the Herbert and beyond, throughout the summer.

We’ve been inspired by images from the Donne Buck Collection - a leading figure in the history of Adventure Playgrounds in the UK. Ludic Rooms wants to explore an earlier time when play was more freeform and self-directed. We will find a sense of adventure, risk taking and creativity by inviting children to build place spaces for themselves. We’ll provide the tools, the materials and the space to create forts, dens, palaces and hideyholes. Grown ups may even be allowed to join in.


Plus join Coventry University's FREE Community Open Day. Take a special Imagineer tour by trike... DETAILS.








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