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In April we held our first creative workshop for Bridge which brought together the core creative team for the first time. It was mainly an inception meeting to get everyone’s understanding of each other’s work and the themes and timeline of the project to the same level.

Core group: Dan Potra (Designer), Corey Baker (Choreographer), Orit Azaz (Director), Claire Maddocks (Producer), Lou Lomas (Associate Producer), Russell Smith (Arup), Gwen Willox (Arup)

Guests: Jane Hytch (CEO, Imagineer Productions) The Very Reverend John Witcombe, Dean of Coventry

Over the course of the two days we:

  • Introduced the project, context, themes, inspirations – including visiting Imagineer / Daimler building; proposed performance sites; Coventry Cathedral 100;
  • Introduced ourselves and our respective practices; shared inspiration and the things that excite us creatively;  Corey, Dan and our Arup partners gave short presentations on their work
  • Asked and responded to questions about each other’s contexts / practices
  • Explored and discussed preliminary responses to Bridge themes, context and concept
  • Considered ideas for piloting in September

Following the workshop Dan has subsequently shared some initial design sketches, and Orit has shared a first iteration of a possible storyline for the narrative with the creative team.

We have scoped out ideas for the Bridge launch/R&D showcase during the Festival of Imagineers 2018

Where we shall be Publicly launching the project building awareness, showing some work and ideas developed through the R&D phase, engaging the public and stakeholders and getting feedback from public and other artists/critical friends about the project to date.

It feels exciting time here at Imagineer and we are busy planning for the Festival this September – we can’t wait to share these exciting projects with you!

Best wishes

Festival of Imagineer Team x